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Collaborative Working & Digital Marketing in 2021 Trends

A modern-day adage that eventually holds true in the present situation is “Collaboration is the key to success.”  While collaborative working did take an important place in transformation, innovation, and productivity debates for a few decades, its true meaning has come to the fore only now. Given the ongoing pandemic situation, most industries have been pushed to a problematic space where they are forced to adopt novice remote working strategies and solutions or shut their operations totally.

While the latter is quite out of the question, choosing the former means increased collaboration with various digital tools. While companies may have explored only some of the popular tools before, engaging the workforce effectively requires up-gradation to better tech.

Collaborative Working Trends

If you are wondering what kind of collaborative working efforts you are likely to see in the next quarter, here are some ongoing trends:

Asynchronous Team Efforts for Collaborative Working

If you are used to the brainstorming and long meeting sessions of the pre-pandemic world, the current work scenario may appear challenging. Many companies have already attested that long phone or video calls are not a worthy substitute as they are more likely to challenge your attention span. The different time zones that your team may be spread across do not help either.

Instead, a synchronized effort for teamwork is what you must be looking forward to in the form of collaboration. The most major implication of this new approach is that team members can clock in at their own convenience and leave their ideas for the other members. This would be both a more practical and time-saving approach.

Smart Meeting Tech

It is pretty evident that the popular media tools are not sufficient if you want to hold a productive meeting for collaborative working with your team. Therefore companies that intimately feel the pressure of responding to productivity challenges and complications need to look for more innovative technologies to conduct their meetings. Newer tech products loaded with advanced features such as automated note-taking and recording options may make up for the challenges created by physical distance.

Adopting VR and AR

With uncertainty in the air and little likelihood to return to physical workplaces any time soon, many employees report feeling isolated. In the long run, this can lead to a productivity slump. To avoid this, companies can turn to virtual reality and augmented reality techs. These techs can make teams feel more connected and, in turn, increase productivity through collaborative working.

Digital Marketing Trends

Along with the collaborative trends of the coming times, companies also need to keep up with changing digital marketing scenarios. Here are a few of the trends to look out for:

Real-Time Experiences For Collaborative Working

After nearly a year of being stuck at home, people have begun to crave their old experiences and lifestyle. While you may not be able to change the pandemic situation, you can at least bring those experiences to them.  Digital marketing strategies that focus on a real-time experience like live events are likely to get the best results in the present times.

Stronger UGC strategies

While UGC or User Generated Content may have been in use earlier, too, you need to come up with more robust strategies. Because in the present scenario, people are more likely to trust people like themselves in place of celebrities and influences. You can repost mentions of your brand in a social media story or customer reviews on your page.

You can also start campaigns in the form of social media challenges. Apart from these interactive contents and using new social media features like Tik Tok and reels can be a game-changer.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have all the collaborative working and digital marketing trends, you use them and stay a step ahead of all competitors.

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