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Remote Working and Creativity

Uncertainty and disruption- these are the two terms that are running the world right now. Crises situations are not new in the modern era. Wars, financial slowdowns, political turmoil have often upset normal life. Yet, none of them prepared society for the challenges that the pandemic has brought to the fore. With physical distancing becoming the norm, more and more industries are embracing the remote working module.

A recent survey conducted by Gartner reveals that more than 80% of American company leaders are planning to allow remote work. This is quite a shift from the earlier times when the figure barely stood at 20%. While the survey may only reveal statistics related to one country, these figures reflect the present world trend.

Implications of Remote Working

While many companies had the perk of remote working for their employees earlier, too, these arrangements were mostly temporary.  Some companies had a fixed quota of remote working once or twice a week; while others only allowed it only under special circumstances. But the present situation is quite different from that. With one wave following the other, the likelihood of returning to the physical workplaces is still quite low.

The changing world scenario has also had its effect on the overall economic growth of various sectors too. While the economic impacts may not be clear right away, no industry will be spared from the changes. These fast-changing social and economic situations, along with the dramatic changes in the work landscape, are bound to have certain implications. In fields pertaining to creativity, such as advertisement, these changes may be more pronounced than the others.

Take a look at some of the anticipated changes:

Reduced Spending With Remote Working

It is true that with all the unprecedented changes in the market, companies are less likely to spend on advertising. So resource crunch is a challenge that the advertising world has already begun to experience. Given the limited resources, the new remote working can actually work in favor of the advertising companies.

Studies have revealed that workplace distraction accounts for a high amount of losses in every company. So when employees work from their own choice of location, they can enjoy better integration of life and work. Naturally, this will mean lesser distraction and more productivity. So while companies may be losing out on resources on one end, they can save on the other.

Relevant Content

A few months after the pandemic hit, many advertising firms continued with the campaigning as if nothing had changed. This kind of attitude can do you more harm than good. As people worldwide are facing different kinds of challenges, brands need to offer clients reassurance with their presence. This promotes remote working.

Even it may cost you more time, reworking your content strategy can be very rewarding. Even a simple ‘‘thank-you’’ or ‘‘we are with you’’ message may go a long way. So make sure your content is in keeping with the global scenario.

Holding Market Position

While the market may be at a standstill right now, the situation will definitely change in the coming times. As a professional agency, it is important for you to remind your clients that holding their market position is crucial. Continuous advertising, even if it is not on a grand scale, can make sure they remain visible even after the market situation normalizes.

Final Thoughts

Along with remote working, digital harvesting is another key factor that companies must concentrate on. Keeping these factors in mind, advertising companies can steer through these tumultuous post-pandemic situations.

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