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Top Digital Marketing Trends

Digital shopping has become more prevalent than ever. The United States recorded $374 billion in online sales in 2020 and is anticipated to take this number to $476 billion by 2024. While this growth is impeccable news for all eCommerce store owners, it also implies that they must work harder than ever to set themselves apart in this digitally-driven world. But what can they do to seize a customer’s attention in a crammed digital environment? The answer: follow the right digital marketing and eCommerce trends to gain attention and improve business sales.

In this article, we will take you through some popular digital marketing and eCommerce trends that are a must to stay competitive. Let’s begin.

Popular Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Trends in the US

Quality Content is Important

Consumers spend their valuable time engaging with digital content. Thus, all businesses need to provide premium and high-quality content to capture the attention of the users. For instance, testimonials are one example of quality content that can drive organic traffic to your eCommerce website.

Besides, you must have an appropriate content strategy to match a consumer to the right product. Including informative content pieces such as a webinar or white paper is an effective digital marketing technique to position your business as a trusted info provider.

Personalization is Among the Greatest Ecommerce Trends

Personalization is all about delivering an experience that is customized to your audience’s preferences and in order to do so, eCommerce websites must track their customer’s general and individual data. You can also track the customer’s purchasing and browsing history and send personalized recommendations to enhance their experience.

Moving on, some effective ways to personalize customer’s experience are as follows:

  • Use their name in the subject and body of emails
  • Offer personalized product recommendations along with follow-up email digital marketing
  • Send special occasions promotion offers
  • Send direct messages to those who haven’t engaged with your eCommerce website for a long time
Influencer Collaborations are the Best Form of Digital Marketing

There are several influencers on Instagram, YouTube, etc. who have cultivated a long list of followers. These influencers stay on top of the latest trends by talking about relevant topics. You can promote your eCommerce business through proper digital marketing. Collaborating with these influencers and digitally market your brand.

For instance, a food brand can partner with influencers in the lifestyle segment to promote their product on their account. The influencer can talk about the food brand, post videos, recipes, etc., to engage his followers and increase brand awareness. This is one of the rising eCommerce trends that is benefitting several businesses in a big way.

Offer Videos

According to statistics, about 85% of Internet users consume different videos on a weekly basis. Watching videos is one of the best activities for internet users who do it for information and entertainment purposes. Video content is an excellent way for digital marketing businesses to engage customers and facilitate easy decision-making.

For instance, a furniture brand can use videos to show the various aspects of their furniture pieces. These videos, together with a description and still images, can help customers to make better buying decisions.

Now that you know about the key digital marketing and eCommerce trends among marketers, it’s time to decide which ones suit your business. Adopting a new digital marketing strategy can only be effective if it matches the demographic you are trying to capture. So, try and equip yourself with maximum information about your target audience and proceed accordingly. Select a marketing trend that provides value to your customers.

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